Aftermath: The Adrian Beltre Extension

by Eddie Middlebrook

Like many Rangers fans on Friday night, I received the Adrian Beltre extension news and was ecstatic. It was one of those rare deals that benefited both parties. Both the Rangers front office and the Beltre/Scott Boras camp should be commended for getting this deal done. While the deal is only for two years, it does come at a steep price (if only from a budget sense) which means there will be other corresponding moves over the course of this season and off-season. Continue reading


Texas Rangers Legends: Rusty Greer

by Patrick Despain

As we get older in life, things in our memory banks fade away. If you are young, there are things that aren’t on video that you can’t experience. A few weeks ago Eddie Middlebrook wrote his All-Time Greatest Texas Rangers 25-Man Roster series. The starting outfield was Frank Howard, Josh Hamilton and Juan Gonzalez. On the bench was Rusty Greer, one of Eddie’s all-timers when it comes to the Rangers. One of our friends began to debate us about Greer’s placement on the team, claiming that he wasn’t worthy of inclusion, but players like Ruben Sierra (and other outfielders) should be on that team before Rusty. In my mind, I thought Eddie was correct and our buddy was wrong. At the same time, it’s a list and everyone has their own opinion of something like this. Continue reading

The Legend That Is Colbyashi  

by Eddie Middlebrook

You’re not going to find this guy on many career leaderboards for your Texas Rangers. Heck, you didn’t find him in the playoff rotation for the AL Division Series in 2015. But next to Adrian Beltre, there is no other Rangers player that is as endearing as Colby Lewis.

It’s rare to see a guy who has a career 4.81 ERA as a fan favorite, but Lewis secured his status by becoming the best postseason pitcher in Rangers history. In some ways, he’s the anti C.J. Wilson. Combine that with his improbable comeback from hip surgery, and you have a guy destined for the (Rangers) Hall of Fame despite being the 36th best pitcher (according to bWAR) in franchise history. Continue reading

Situational Momentum

by Jason Durden

The Texas Rangers won their opening day game against the Seattle Mariners 3-2 behind a great outing by Cole Hamels, despite the offense only mustering one hit. The Mariners and Felix Hernandez had appeared to have complete control of the game when the Rangers came to hit in the fifth inning and then momentum decided to flip and the Rangers took the game over in an unconventional manner. It was in this inning that the Rangers caught lightning in a bottle and took the lead despite barely hitting a ball out of the infield, but it had a lot to do with Felix Hernandez losing his control suddenly and the Rangers putting some pressure on the big righty at the right time. Continue reading

Ballpark Banter with Mike Rhyner

by Patrick Despain

This weekend, I was fortunate to catch up with Mike Rhyner, the host of The Hardline on SportsRadio 1310 AM/96.7 FM, The Ticket. As many of you know Mike is a tremendous source of knowledge about the great game and the goings-on at The Temple. Mike once again agreed to take my questions on the Rangers and give us insightful answers into what he thinks the team will do, plus so much more. You can find Mike (The Old Grey Wolf), co-host Corby Davidson (The Snake) and producer Danny Balis (The Knox City Knocker) on The Ticket, weekdays from 3-7 p.m. (Central). Continue reading