We’re Baaaaaack!

Well, you’ve found us. Us being Eddie Middlebrook, Robert Pike, Patrick Despain and a new guy Jason Durden. Heck, we might even add more old friends in our travels across the Rangers information superhighway. We were the founders of Shutdown Inning.ca_server_screencap

We aren’t here to try to take away anything from any other website or outlet you choose to read daily, weekly or whenever. If you choose Lonestar Ball, SDI, the Newberg Report or One Strike Away as your go to for Rangers news, please continue to do so. We love all of those places and we have friends that write for all of them. We hope you will check us out every now and then as an extension of your daily reading.

The site is a work in progress, visually. The articles will come slowly but surely, but the commitment is there. We promise we’ll be around every few days at a minimum. We can’t promise it’ll be great, we are just hoping to bring up a good point here and there. Maybe even make you think about something on that boring Wednesday afternoon as you are watching the clock, waiting to escape your job.

We all went our different ways a year or so ago and over time, when wanted to create an all new website as brothers in arms like we did a few years ago. We hope you’ll come along for the ride. You can find us on Twitter @BallparkBanter9


Eddie, Robert, Patrick & Jason



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